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In the centre of Riffian, a small community in northern Italy, a new residential complex with 37 flats is to be built on a hillside. At the lower edge of the site there are two historic buildings along a busy road, the “Gasthaus Kreuz” and a barn belonging to it.
A flight of stairs will turn these into the new entrance gate to the new residential complex “Kreuz Panoama Apartments”. The site will be terraced. In the base area along the street, areas will be created for tertiary uses for local supply and gastronomy as well as access to the underground car park. Above this, the existing ensemble will be supplemented with three new buildings. They span a central courtyard, which is elevated above street level and free of traffic. This is designed as a social meeting place and functions as a link between old and new.
The compact cubic form of the new building volumes and the clever arrangement of the structures lead to an economical use of space. This makes it possible to realise flats with as much privacy as possible and a very high quality of living thanks to generous open spaces.
The building lines of the two existing buildings are taken up and continued in the positioning of the structures. This creates a harmonious overall structure. The new buildings between three and six storeys are chosen in such a way that the scale of the characteristic built environment is maintained. They take into account the uniform settlement form of the rural surroundings and at the same time allow ideal lighting of the rooms as well as an unobstructed view for all residential units.
All flats have one or more terraces and/or balconies and are oriented on at least two sides. Thanks to the deliberate use of floor-to-ceiling glazing, all living areas are bright and flooded with light and offer a high quality of living. Surrounded by balconies, not only is a flowing transition between inside and outside created, but at the same time an ideal structural shading for the flats.
The modern wooden façade is derived from local construction methods and translated into contemporary architecture. Large gardens, outdoor areas and terraces with opportunities for urban gardening create contemporary and attractive living spaces in the green.