• Lake Garda
  • in progress
  • Residential

The property is located on the west coast of Lake Garda in northern Italy, on a steep slope with an impressive panoramic view of the lake landscape. The aim is to celebrate the special landscape and to strengthen the relationship to the lake through the architecture. Due to the exposed location, a gentle embedding in the natural environment is of great importance.
A narrow access road leads into the underground garage and disappears completely into the hillside. The living rooms and bedrooms are arranged on two floors above. Cantilevered ceiling panels with floor-to-ceiling glazing frame the view of Lake Garda and allow an unrestricted view of the outside.
On the first floor there are three bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, a small wellness area with an infinity pool in front. On the second floor there is an open living area with a reading room, with a spacious terrace and access to the barbecue area.
A hidden highlight are the rooms facing the rocky slope, such as the sauna or the day toilet. The glass façade is also continued here and the reference to the building site is established. Various local materials are used: Ceilings and walls of exposed concrete with local stone aggregates of porphyry and the furnishings of olive wood. Linen is used for the textiles, thus referring to the historically important textile industry in the village.