• Racines
  • 2023
  • Accommodation
  • Residential

Residence Ambros is an extension of Hotel Jaufentalerhof in northern Italy. The building derives its name from the great-grandfather of the hotel owner, Dunja Girtler, an original resident of the “Jaufental” valley, known for his strong personality. The aim was to evoke the memory of this remarkable individual through innovative architecture.
The structure reimagines the traditional local hay barns found on the steep surrounding mountain slopes. Given a contemporary twist, these barns seamlessly adapt to the hotel’s requirements, forging a harmonious fusion between South Tyrolean tradition and a modern alpine living experience with charm.
The facade is composed of massive larch logs arranged in overlapping layers. The intertwining of the tree trunks, with every second horizontal trunk omitted, creates a monolithic yet permeable edifice. Originally employed for hay drying using natural ventilation, it now offers comfort and refuge for hotel guests while shielding the floor-to-ceiling glass facades situated behind it. Simultaneously, it affords unobstructed mountain views from all rooms, crafting stunning panoramas.
The new building comprises two interconnected three-story structures with gable roofs, housing twelve exquisite 30m2 rooms and two attic suites.
The interior design concept aimed to imbue a sense of nature indoors and foster a cozy yet elegant ambiance. The primary focus was on employing locally sourced materials. The curtain fabric features Loden, a typical Tyrolean wool, in a dark green reminiscent of fir trees. The larch wood used for floors and furnishings hails from the neighboring valley, while the washbasins are crafted from local porphyry stone.