• Merano
  • 2020
  • Accommodation

This project represents a type of architecture that rises from the history and the morphology of the location, combining both themes into a modern concept of a smart hotel. The new Hotel Prinz Rudolf gets its name from the crown prince of Austria and Hungary, son of the Austrian empress Sissy and her husband the emperor Franz Joseph, who got lost in the woods at one of his excursions and was found nearby the Hotel site. The theme of prince Rudolf is omnipresent at the hotel’s interior starting with the combination of black and gold colors up to the chandeliers. This revocation of an aristocratic environment in a contemporary style evocates a unique provocative character that marks the interior design of this hotel. The building with its rolling lines uses all the natural conditions of the countryside to create the illusion of melting into the landscape. The green roof turns out to be the new meeting area for the hotel guests and the camping site guests. Underneath the roof lay different levels that reflect the landscape due to their glazed façade. The use of prefabricated shuttering units makes a quick and effective construction possible that answers the needs of the current market.